About Us

Great Lakes Inflatable Boats are built by one of the worlds top marine production factories. Their experienced technicians take pride in what they do and together with the rest of the team produce an extremely high quality boat with stringent quality control standards.

We build our boats to the highest quality industry standards using only top grade construction materials. Our inflatable tubes are only constructed with PVC manufactured by the world leader, Merhler PVC. We use double welded reinforced seams on all our inflatable tubes, ensuring a long and durable life.

All of our aluminum transoms and hulls are built using premium quality aluminum sheets are welded together by experienced welders. We use aluminum for our transoms because they are better than their wooden counterparts because they are stronger and won’t rot.

When purchasing a Great Lakes Inflatable Boat you can have piece of mind know it’s coming from one of the best factory’s in the world.